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Getting into the Head of Jennifer Kim from Blockheads Development, INC.

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There are 200,000 ICON holders. Jennifer Kim, a woman in blockchain and Korean-American, is seeking to be one of their elected leaders writes Akasha Rose Indream.

For two years, I have been a community manager at WIBI.io, one of the first private women in blockchain groups on Telegram open to all entrepreneurial women leaders in blockchain.

It’s given me a unique insight into the professions and pathways of the blockchain world.

Because of the intimate nature of WIBI, unique people stand out.

One individual that I think you should really get to know is Jennifer Kim is a P-Rep Candidate in the upcoming ICON elections.

She’s a unique person who really cares about a decentralized future — something that many of us stand for in blockchain.

It takes confidence and a lifetime of experience to stand on your own in a competitive industry, as Jennifer has. She is the founder of Blockheads Development, INC, a consultancy for new blockchain projects.

Jennifer spent time one on one with me to tell me what sent her down the rabbit hole, and how she sees the future in terms of decentralization and mass adoption of blockchain in a hyperconnected world.

Jennifer, what got you interested in Blockchain technology?

Jennifer: I’ve been in marketing and business operations for over 20 years.

In recent years, many of my marketing clients were having trouble with software solutions that they had invested massive amounts of time and capital in.

The problem solver I am, I hired a software engineer to create custom software solutions that were more affordable as well as more effective to their individual needs.

The feedback I got was tremendous.

It was at this moment when my then 8-year-old asked for a cell phone.

Seeing as I could not consider exposing my young child to the untamed dangers of the internet, I wanted to discover more about the technology of today and I learned about blockchain.

I was immediately attracted to the idea of decentralized technology and decided to enroll myself and my employees in the Blockchain Certificate programs from Blockgeeks.

I have never looked back!

We all fell in love with the technology and are now truly a well educated and well-intentioned group building in Blockchain.

It’s something that I teach my family about, too!

What do you think are the main benefits of blockchain technology?

Jennifer: The superior technology aside, I believe Blockchain Technology affords the world the opportunity to really improve processes and to steer people into creating and behaving more honestly while they do everyday tasks.

Honesty and integrity and fundamental values in this world, I believe.

I see a more honest and open future, and blockchain is a fundamental backbone of technology to build it.

I’m grateful to be surrounded by so many people with a vision that’s the same.

You’re obviously very passionate about ICON, what attracts you to ICON? What is it?

Jennifer: The ICON Foundation is out of South Korea, where my family originates.

My grandfather served as the Commander of the Tiger Division during the Vietnam War as well as National Security Secretary at the Blue House under President Jung Hee Park.

The day after he retired as army General, I was born.

I want to continue my grandfather’s noble pursuit that he carried throughout his entire life. The progress that ICON has made within the South Korean government is impressive and I believe it creates a basis for quick adoption in other countries.

My goal is to continue my grandfather’s service to Korea and contribute to making the rest of the world a better place.

This goal really does seem attainable due to the groundwork that ICON has already achieved. I am excited and proud to be a part of this ecosystem.

I hope I continue to be involved in ICON long into the future!

Taking on a P-Rep role will have a lot of responsibilities, what do you think you bring to the role? How will you balance it with your other roles?

Jennifer: My team and I have been working on two EEPs (ecosystem expansion projects) for ICON for many months.

We’ve been quietly developing while helping our other clients.

The P-Rep role will allow us the ability to decrease our “non-icon” work so that we can put more time and effort into the EEPs that we have already started.

We very much stand for providing the best possible service to our customers.

Personally, it gives me more time to create beautiful and effective marketing campaigns for ICON and its ecosystem.

I will, however, keep on working with some of my longtime favorite clients such as Grammy winner Lisa Loeb!

Jennifer and Lisa Loeb.

Let’s talk decentralization. What role do you think ICON and blockchain will play in decentralizing the world? What is the vision for a decentralized world that you see?

Jennifer: Back to my daughter wanting a cell phone, it terrifies me.

I feel Blockchain removes some of this terror, as we will be able to limit what a bad actor is able to do in technology. Reputations are at stake, and people will be held accountable.

ICON plays an important role in this as one primary focus is on interoperability.

There are and will always be many blockchain projects, and someone has to make sure all of them communicate and play along well with each other!

My vision is that I can soon confidently hand over a cell phone to my children knowing that they will not be harmed. This is why I work in Blockchain Technology. To make the future more secure for everybody.

What are the barriers to mass adoption of blockchain and crypto currently in place? How do you see the ICON network as being able to break down these barriers?

Jennifer: ICON is already working closely with the South Korean government.

This is huge progress in comparison to other projects. They have already broken down this massive barrier that many others just cannot cross.

South Korea has many people in it who are ready and willing to use blockchain.

Once crypto and blockchain is being used by everyone in South Korea, I can see it as being very simple for people to use it in other places around the world.

South Korea will provide an excellent example of what is possible. Other countries will copy.

This potential future makes me very excited!

Tell us about your vision for a hyper-connected world? What role does ICON play? How will you get us there?

Jennifer: Yesterday in order to get ready for the P-Rep election, I moved all my ICX over to my ICON Wallet.

Phew! I was worried, but it went so well!

The transfer was very fast, I was so impressed.

My vision for hyper-connection is not only the speed of transactions but also the underlying knowledge that each and every transaction is honest, verifiable, and accurate.

Our two EEPs for ICON have major implications for everyone to hyperconnect over and above our previous expectations. I cannot say much right now but I will be able to soon!

I promise to let you know as soon as I can!

Tell us about what you’ll give back to the ICON community if elected? Why should ICON holders get excited by your candidacy?

Jennifer: If elected as P-Rep, we are able to give most of our resources work time to expanding, marketing, and improving the ICON Ecosystem.

I’ve detailed in our proposal how we are planning our server to be a bare-bones system that will serve to diversify the network once it’s up and running.

Check it out!

Our two EEPs are very exciting as well, I cannot wait to show the ICONists what we have been up to these past few months!

What do you think is your biggest contribution to the blockchain industry so far?

Jennifer: I think my biggest contribution to the blockchain industry is to be a verifiable, legitimately registered business. We make sure that we operate legally and obeying the regulatory frameworks in every aspect in order to further the legitimacy of blockchain technology!

How do ICON holders vote for you? What’s the process?

Jennifer: Voting will be done through ICONex.

A guide will be released shortly before voting is open.

ICONists, please follow me on twitter. I will make sure to share how and when to vote! @momofblockchain

About ICON: ICON is one of the largest blockchain networks in the world, launched in 2017 with the vision of ‘Hyperconnect the World’. By using the high-performance blockchain engine, ‘loopchain’, ICON projects to connect various blockchain communities and build an environment where blockchain technology can be applied to real life. ICON supports not only private blockchain projects cooperating with various companies, but also DApp developments in public blockchain sector through strategic partnerships to expand ICON’s blockchain ecosystem.

About the author: Akasha is the founder of WIBI.io, a private women in blockchain international group that supports women entrepreneurs and women-run startups in the blockchain technology industry. She is also the founder of Strategygoto.com a brand strategy service that aims to improve the customer experience of crypto platforms and new emerging technology startups using her 20 years of experience in community engagement online. She’s a writer for Hackernoon and Thrive Global and also her Medium blog.



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