Bitcoin Laws

More than 22,000 Bitcoiners joined an impromptu global gathering to contemporaneously discuss the passing of the #BitcoinLaw making BTC an official legal tender in El Salvador on Twitter today, including an impromptu visit by the president of El Salvador himself, Nayib Bukele.

The law was passed with 62 out of…

Mistakes and wins in hosting a 40-day online event

Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

If you are a subject matter expert looking to establish yourself as a thought leader in your space, then hosting an online summit may be a frictionless way to do it.

I recently hosted a 40-day online summit. Yup. 4. 0. days. But it wasn’t the first event I’ve hosted…

Womxn in Crypto

Inclusivity brings adoption — not the other way around

Akasha Rose, founder of one of Telegram’s first womxn in blockchain groups, WIBI, speaks out on how we can engineer crypto to be inclusive by design.

“Anyone who is serious about including womxn in crypto needs to approach this challenge from a customer design perspective.”

Femtech Startups

An interview with Amy Haderer about the next revolution in birth tech

130 million people give birth around the world every year. Up to 50% of these will have surgical intervention. Medical procedures require consent — but how? …

ICONs of Blockchain

What it takes for a woman in blockchain to hyperconnect the world

source: Pixabay.

There are 200,000 ICON holders. Jennifer Kim, a woman in blockchain and Korean-American, is seeking to be one of their elected leaders writes Akasha Rose Indream.

Marketing meets Philosophy

Which comes first, the who or the why?

Knowing your purpose isn’t enough writes branding and CMX strategist Akasha Rose Indream. Knowing your “who” — and having integrity — is where authenticity and purpose have to start.

A few years back, I sat in a startup accelerator workshop as the presenter showed us the TED talk by Simon…


Exploring how our grandchildren will live, love, work, play, learn and shop.

Books and films alike are rife in popular culture with the idea that humanity is facing the post-apocalyptic brink of destruction from which there is no return.

Jared Diamond recently expressed in an interview he believes there’s a 49% chance the world will end as we know it by 2050…

Women in Tech

Blockchain is a global movement and so are its women

A couple of years ago, I asked the question — what would it be like for women in the blockchain industry to be able to connect online on crypto’s most popular messaging platform Telegram? …

Sustainable Living

8 ways I’ve found to enjoy family life more sustainably

It’s something that’s on my mind a fair bit. There are nearly 8 billion humans on this planet. And every minute that we are here, we are doing something to take away the habitat of a family of beings that lived here before us.

If we have children, is that…

The second leg of a short spin seeking the globe’s most active women in the smart, shared and urban mobility sectors

In part one, we met 25 women who are making an impact on public transport, urban planning and micro-mobility, mostly in Europe and America.

This article continues the journey, so that we can meet even more women making daily calls about the future direction of transportation and urban development for…


Building systems that distribute wealth fairly & securely whilst incentivising sustainability, conservation & community.

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